About Mark Fitterer
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I created Family Basecamp to encourage and inspire parents to plan amazing outdoor family adventures. I know planning these trips can be a major challenge–finding a destination, picking dates, getting permits, identifying hazards, calculating mileage and elevation gain, designing a menu, selecting gear, packing, and more. All this before you even start the trip. With decades of experience in the outdoors, I can help!

I’m Mark Fitterer, creator of Family Basecamp. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and spent most of my childhood in the mountains backpacking, hiking, white water rafting, rock climbing, hunting and fly fishing. I’m also an avid runner and photographer. Nowadays, my beautiful wife and I are passing similar experiences on to our three kids, ages ten, eight, and five. We’re hiking the most epic trails in North America, casting dry flies in blue-ribbon streams from our drift boat, and chasing light to capture amazing landscapes in pristine outdoor locations with our cameras. We have three avid little backpackers, skiers, runners, rock climbers, and hikers.

From trip ideas to gear reviews, these are my favorite adventures and outdoor products. I only recommend trips I’ve actually done, so you’re getting trip ideas that will actually work for your family. And, I don’t push products, ever! I only advertise products from great manufacturers that I’ve actually tested. That means you’re getting an unbiased opinion from an outdoor expert and parent.

Thanks for visiting. I’ll see you out there!